Yard Stick is your complete soil carbon measurement solution.

From project concepting to credit transaction, our technologies ensure your soil carbon program has both climate and commercial impact.



The measurement standards for soil carbon projects around the world are a shifting mosaic of often-conflicting requirements. Yard Stick manages this complexity for you via a convenient web-based planning dashboard. Upload farm and field boundaries, select your project methodology (e.g. CAR SEP, Verra VM0042), and Plan by Yard Stick takes care of the rest.

The result is automatic stratification of project fields and creation of an agronomically-credible and statistically-sound sample plan. No soil science PhD required.



A plan will only get you so far - it’s time to get into the soil. Put away your split coring rig and slide hammer, and let Yard Stick’s spectral hardware eliminate the backache and headache of cores, bags, and labs. Our sampling team’s cloud-enabled handheld device instantly collects soil carbon data up to 1 meter depth, and can even be used with crops standing in the field.

No more cores. No more labs. No more waiting. Use Measure by Yard Stick to evaluate carbon stocks rapidly and cost-effectively, ensuring more money goes into your growers’ pockets.



Measurement data is no good unless it means something. Analyze by Yard Stick collects measurement data in real time, ensuring your data are secure, auditable, and interpreted consistent with your project methodology. Access a live dashboard of project measurement data to rapidly understand project progress, quantify stocks and changes, and share this information with a variety of key stakeholders, including participating growers, 3rd party verifiers, and offset end customers.

Soil carbon will only have real climate impact with robust data management and storage. Analyze by Yard Stick provides just that.

Let Yard Stick enable your soil carbon impact.

Reach out today to learn how Yard Stick's services may be a good fit for your current soil carbon measurement needs.

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